Stand Alone Kitchen Pantry

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A stand alone kitchen pantry is one of the most effective ways of adding more storage space in your kitchen. When you want to have a clean, elegant looking kitchen, having too many items on top of every surface can disrupt its style. The pantry keeps your items enclosed and organized ensuring that your kitchen maintains an elegant look.

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Advantages of Stand Alone Kitchen Pantry:

  • It keeps essential kitchen items close to your reach as the shelves are near and you will not need to install more drawers. A kitchen pantry ensures items are not pushed back where they can be forgotten. A stand alone kitchen pantry features a unique design with appropriate sizes and dimensions.
  • The pantry is not fixed to one location and you can easily relocate it. You can augument storage space and move it to a convenient place in your kitchen.
  • Free standing pantries are ideal for temporary storage. You can convert the pantry area for different uses by simply moving the pantry somewhere else.
  • Freestanding pantries are inexpensive and the best alternative to modern cabinetry.
  • It is easy to install- The pantry comes fully made and you will just need to assemble all the parts and mount it to a wall.

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Tips on Selecting the Best Kitchen Panty:

  • Size- Size is one of the most important thing to consider. The size of the pantry determines the types of drawers and shelves you will use. Full extension drawers enable you to reach the back of the shelf easily.
  • Design and style- You can consider buying a pantry that will match with the rest of your kitchen and kitchen cabinets. You can buy a pantry with hinges like those installed in your kitchen cabinets. Try to make the pantry suit the style of your kitchen. If you want a sleek modern style kitchen do not buy a country style pantry.
  • Material- You can choose between a metal, glass, iron, metal, wood, glass, plastic, copper, ceramic or acrylic pantry. Choose a pantry that is made with high quality material for maximum durability.
  • Strength- Ensure that the drawers have the strength and resilience to withstand constant use. If one drawer will be sliding constantly then access rear items or choose a heavy duty drawer.

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