The kitchen is the busiest rooms for many households. Given the nature of activities that take place there, strategic lighting is important to avoid under or overlighting. if you plan to Do It Yourself, the first tip is reflecting all the lighting fixtures to take the architecture of the room. This means that you should first prioritize on the fixtures to purchase, before creating the lighting strategy.

With the architecture in mind, you can now plan on where to install the four types of fixtures, that make the kitchen look complete. The task kitchen lighting is the biggest fixture and should be placed at the right height allowing enough light even on top of the cabinets. After installing this main lighting, you realize there are shadows, which calls for the second type of fixtures known as Ambient. These types fit well on the walls.

With the room having adequate light, add to the Iiveliness of the room through accent and decor lighting fixtures. These are low consumer types and serve to bring out the outlook of cabinets and the colors of the room. In order to increase the kitchen lighting efficiency, areas around the fixtures should be painted white.