Kitchen countertops take center stage in the kitchen with virtually every activity being done on or around the kitchen countertop. The material used for the countertop will determine its durability and practicality as well as how beautiful and easy to maintain it will be. It is therefore imperative to choose the right material for your kitchen countertops in order to strike the right balance between function and style as well as meet all your cooking and preparation needs.

The most common materials used for kitchen countertops include laminate, natural stone such as granite, tile, butcher block or wood, solid surface and metal. There are lots of other choices that you can use depending on the look you are going for and the qualities you need from your countertop. Each material has unique characteristics that make it suitable for different cooking styles and needs. Laminate counters are inexpensive, easy to maintain and come in a wide range of choices.

However, they chip easily, are not heat-resistant and the visible seams and edges spoil the polished look you may be going for. Natural stone counters such as granite, quartz, soapstone, slate, marble, gemstone and limestone are long—lasting and heat-tolerant but they’re also expensive and porous making them more vulnerable to stains. Wood or butcher block tops create warmth, are excellent for cutting and preparation and are more pleasing. They however need to be properly sealed to prevent dents and scratches. Composite are eco-friendly and long—lasting but fade over time, while solid surface have plenty of advantages but are pricier. The best kitchen countertops will provide durability, style and meet your needs.