The kitchen faucet is essentially what makes a kitchen, a kitchen. This is the most used feature in any kitchen. Used on average about 40 times a day. There various types of kitchen faucets, from pull down to pull out kitchen faucets. It all depends on your taste and the amount of activity in your kitchen. Before deciding on which faucet to purchase, you should think about factors such as the mounting style (sink mounted faucets, deck-mounted faucets and wa|l—mounted faucets), handle options (singIe—handled, double handled and the hands free faucets which are mainly found in contemporary kitchens). The overall design of the kitchen faucet varies as well as the material used in making the faucet. Materials include; chrome, bronze, nickel, polished brass, white, black or stainless steel. Different manufacturers use varying types of material therefore a lot of research should first be done before deciding on which faucet to get. The style of your kitchen also plays a great you role in the type of faucet to get, from sleek, modern or even farmhouse type.
Your options are endless.