Aroma of the food that we cook should make everyone mouth dropped. This cannot be done with ease. It needs lots of passion for eating than cooking. If a person thinks eating food as an art, he/she needs nothing more than that to start cooking. Living in the technology driven era, its a wonder if a kitchen misses a saucer, though there are places in rural India where people don’t prefer those. Kitchen appliances make work easy most of the time. Working moms and dads use toasteroid to burn letters so that kids like them which might even save their feeding time sometimes. Cool appliances that are invented include grill with less smoke, one coffee maker that can make different types of coffee. Surfing internet often will land in buying new kitchen appliances and sometimes consumes lot of money too. Improvement in taste of food sometimes depend on kitchen appliances. So whenever you are complimented for your food, just smile at the kitchen and search for the missing appliance that you need to buy.