The advancement of science and technology has facilitated the enhancement of comfort and luxury of human life to a great extent. The marvels of technology have even elevated the concept and design of each and every aspect of our home decor too. KITCHEN — a place once considered as a place of miseries’ for moms — has been transformed into a space of creative and social act with the advent of novel construction aspects, thanks to KitchenAid.

A modular kitchen with well – equipped sophisticated devices is a sign of social status. The kitchen accessories not only glam up the décor but also set functional requirements. KitchenAid as a brand covers a wide array of products ranging from cabinet trolleys, corner cabinet accessories, wall units, kitchen suites, free standing units, kitchen baskets( cup and saucer basket, cutlery basket, plate basket), midway accessories, bin , wipes and much more.

Kitchen appliances through KitchenAid have replaced traditional cooking with processing, a much more delightful experience. A variety of appliances like counter top appliances (blenders, food processors, mixers, toasters, ovens, culinary bundles, slow cookers and multi cookers, stand mixers ), major appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers, grills, hoods and vents, disposers and compactors, water filters, cook tops, wall ovens) and kitchen ware (kettles, culinary bundles, roasters, cookware, bake ware) have offered us to design a kitchen based on our passion.