The kitchen is the room of a house whose decor isn’t paid much attention to. People spend a majority of their time in their kitchen and to have a drab interior is just depressing, to say the least. Through research, it has been found that a beautiful kitchen often inspires a tasty dish than a dark kitchen. Changing the look of a kitchen, however, can be as easy as changing the curtain. Kitchen curtains are of different fabric, color, shape, and size which should be kept in mind while redecorating a kitchen. The curtains in the kitchen should be simple and of light color, as opposed to fancy curtains in the living rooms. Also, the fabric of the curtain should be considered to match the theme of the kitchen as it shouldn’t look out of place instead it would just complement the style of the kitchen. The most important aspect of a kitchen curtain, however, is that it should be washable. The kitchen curtains will get dirty in some time and there is no way around it. Instead of trying to keep them clean all the time you could just invest in a curtain that is washable and can be washed as it gets dirty.