Kitchen is probably the most sensitive part in the house. It is the best thing to do kitchen decorating with a good sense of design and style. Most kitchen are small, thus the space may be limited if not well taken care of. When well decorated, a small kitchen is as good as the spacious one. To create the image of spaciousness in the room, one ought to utilize the space on the walls. The window sill and the space on top of the cabinetry can also be utilized. Use furniture that can multitask in the kitchen to save on the already little roomspace. Can Use, for instance, may serve well as they can be used in cooking and dinners. Use carpets that are appealing to the eye and convenient to the feet when working there. Color also plays a significant part in the kitchen decoration. Some colors even give a perception of a spacious room. Together with this, remember to avoid a white color which may look dirty easily. Use a vibrant color on the walls. This brings a sense of architecture and style in your kitchen.Put regard also to the lighting system of your kitchen to make your style complete. Consider a hanging ornament-like lamp above the centre of the room.