Popular Kitchen Pantry Ideas

An organized kitchen is beautiful and makes the preparation of meals quite easy and fun. Kitchen pantry helps a homeowner to achieve an organized kitchen with little effort. A good pantry idea ensures that all commonly used items are within easy reach and are clearly labeled.

There are many pantry ideas. Although the exact implementation of the plans may vary from one individual to another, the popular ones are ‘roll it out,’ ‘divide and conquer’, and ‘pan out’. The first pantry idea relies on roll-out shelves. Each shelf is clearly marked to indicate the kinds of items one will find inside it.

Divide and conquer approach involves dividing the pantry cupboard into sections using tension curtain rods. The divisions are made to ensure similar items are placed together. For example, one would have baking sheets, sturdy platters, and cutting boards stored in three different sections.

‘Pan out’ is ideal for small items. These things should be organized inside a spare baking tray and then placed inside the kitchen pantry on a section marked for its contents. Place the tray in a position where it can easily be slid in and out.