Portable Kitchen Island With Seating

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Factors to consider when installing a portable kitchen island with seating

What do you do when you run out of kitchen storage? Are you looking for a quick update in your kitchen update idea that is wallet friendly? Then a portable kitchen island with seating is the best solution for you. It offers the same advantage as an in built kitchen island but without being stuck in one place.

portable kitchen island with seating

The portable kitchen island with seating is an ideal option for any type of kitchen with enough space. This is because you need space left for you to move around and not be congested. The seats are very comfortable and provide a place to seat and dine or chart.

Portable Kitchen Island With Stools


Five Factors you need to consider before installing a portable kitchen island with seating

  1. Determine the size and shape of your kitchen

If your kitchen has enough space to fit the new island then it is right to install one. Choose the island that fits the needs of your space. This includes an island that offers extra storage, enough counter-top space for kneading, chopping, serving and dining.

portable kitchen island with 2 stools

  1. The use for the island

The kitchen island is a great idea to fill in the missing area in your kitchen. This may include an extra working space in your kitchen, a casual dining area for breakfast or social gathering. Install an island that meets your needs and adds value to your kitchen.

Portable Kitchen Island With Seating photo - 5

  1. Size of the island

Depending on the intended use the size of the island is important to consider. If it will be used for dining and for working purposes, a large surface island is required that extends from on edge of the cabinets to the other. Approximate length of twelve to eighteen inches will be a good length for an island.

Movable kitchen island 2

  1. The type of Material used

The material used to build the island is very crucial to consider. This is because you will require an island that is durable and will withstand every activity that will be done on it. Some of them are built with marble, granite, laminate, tiles and acrylic counter-tops. All this options are very durable and you can choose them depending on your budget.

Movable kitchen island

  1. Installation costs

Some of the kitchen islands require professional help to install them. This is because you may not have the required skills to install it yourself. You will have to put the cost into consideration when you want the island to be installed. However some of the islands do not have a lot details to install them and you can do on your own.

portable kitchen island

Portable Kitchen Island with 2 Stools


If you are planning to have a portable kitchen island with seating installed in your kitchen the above pointers will help you to come up with a good decision. It is a great kitchen idea to add to your spacious home and provides you will additional functions in your kitchen as it can be used for many purposes

Portable Kitchen Island With Stools photo - 3

Portable Kitchen Island With Stools photo - 5

Movable bench with wheel

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