Where Wine and Art Do Not Mix

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I was browsing this image at Trendir, and thought, "Gorgeous", but upon closer inspection, I saw the pegs contained bottles of wine. First of all, in California I would want to know if this was earthquake safe. Probably not. Secondly, while this may look beautiful, heat rises. Why would anyone want to keep an expensive collection of wine in a hot spot? Maybe they are empty? Use this design in a wine cellar only please. It is a dynamic, stunning L-shape kitchen, but the design fails to store wine properly. For more views of this fabulous cabinetry take a look at Ernestomeda Barrique .

The marble is lovely too, but oye, the stains, the scratches and acid etching you will have from your Merlot wine. Good thing the marble is the color of wine. Helps the stains blend in.

I do like the Kidney shaped corner storage cabinet. Love the stainless toe kick too. Check out the oven! There is a drawer above it and below the cook top. Clever!

I am a big fan of open shelves in kitchens. Love the stainless banded shelves shown here.


MAds,  September 23, 2007  

Hmmmm...Warm wine.

Very sexy burgandy glass upper cabintes though. Love those!

coco+kelley,  September 23, 2007  

love the kitchen, but my god the wine setup makes me nervous just looking at it! plus, as you mentioned, heat from the range can't be good for those bottles. gorgeous though!

Laurie Burke, Kitchen Designer,  September 23, 2007  

I love this kitchen. There is no clunky light rail, just a glow of light. So sleek, the colors are scrumptious! I could probably live with marble counters that stained, but the wine display, even thought it is a striking design statement, I would probably change it out to open shelves in place.

Anonymous,  March 30, 2008  

Always dust, some grease from cooking and once in a while a dead fly on the plates or in the wine glas. Yummy!

Just check how much icky dust is on top of your cabinets - that's what you will get inside on the dishes!

Wendy Hoechstetter, Allied Member ASID,  July 22, 2008  

I completely agree about the storage of the wine. What's more, wine should be stored with the corks facing downwards on a slope, not up. Keeping the cork moist is as essential to preserving the wine as maintaining it at a proper temperature.

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