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Saturday, September 15, 2007

With the onslaught of Blogging, so many designers are happy to share what they are doing, what issues to watch for, and creative ideas to share for inspiration. Take advantage of what everyone has to offer. Read the articles and feel free to ask the designers questions. Here are some of my favorites.

Peggy Deras, at Kitchen Exchange,
has an extensive list of articles to browse through on everything you want to know about kitchens. Visitors can ask questions on remodeling kitchens and browse archived questions and answers. Also check out her sub blogs Appliance Notes for all things related to selecting appliances and Kitschy Kitchens where she critiques the worst of the worst in kitchens. Take an amusing detour to discover what you DON'T want in a kitchen.

Visit Susan Serra at the Kitchen Designer to take your kitchen search world wide! Susan finds the most incredible photographs of unique and beautiful kitchens though out the world. Susan is also an avid photographer. Take a look at her photography collection.

Across the pond, I found Marion John in the UK, Advanced Kitchen Design via San Francisco through Peggy's Kitchen Exchange blog. Majjie, (her on line nick name), offers very straight talk on good design.

Keeping an eye turned to what other Kitchen Designers are up to led me to Ann Porter's blog, KitchAnn Style, in Naples Florida. Her blog is picked up by Naples Daily News geared to helping homeowners prepare their home for market. Check out the photo ideas shown for small kitchens. Like many designers, Ann will keep you in tune with what is "green" in design.

Kenneth Brown has gained a great deal of popularity through his HGTV show, Re Dedesign, but I have been been following his work before that. He does Kitchens but his design forte stretches way beyond the kitchen. He has a terrific sense of style and it is always fun to see what he is up to. Check into his "ask Kenneth" column for inspiring ideas.


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