Will it fit?

September 27th, 2007 § Leave a Comment

I received this email today:

I came across your blog after trying unsuccessfully, to get an answer from a Kohler technician whether a built-in standard dishwasher would fit under the work area of the PROLOGUE sink. He still could not give a definitive answer after viewing the PDF. Have your ever installed a Prologue sink for a client, and do you know if a dishwasher can be housed under the work space? Thank you!

JJ the short answer is no, a built-in standard dishwasher will NOT fit under the work area of the PROLOGUE sink. If you go back to the installation specs, http://www.us.kohler.com/
you will see what I am referring to. You will see that they use a large enough sink base cabinet to accommodate this 42″ sink, including the shallow work surface. The Prologue that you want to use has a “work surface” is only 17 1/8″ x 18 3/4“. Kohler conveniently (sarcasm intentional) leaves off the thickness of the work surface in their specs. Can you get to a store that displays it to see how deep it sits into the cabinet? It may be ok, the work surface looks shallow but assuming is not the way to go. What is your counter thickness? An under mount typically sits 3/4″ below the finished surface. Call Kohler back and ask for a supervisor and demand to get a definite answer. This cannot be a guessing game, (but enough of the rant on appliance and fixture specs. I’ll save that for another post).
In any event, if there is space for a dishwasher to slide under the work surface, you can get a little creative. Take a look at what I did below. I put an under cabinet refrigerator under my work surface. It slid in with no problem.

I installed an under cabinet refrigerator under the drainboard- similar to the Prologue. The sink base is 30″ to house the 20″ bowl. I centered the bowl in the 30″ base. The overall sink with drainboard is 36″ wide. The drain board is shallow, so I can slide an under cabinet refrigerator or a dishwasher adjacent to my sink base.

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