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Want to design your dream residence, plan your renovation, or play around with interior decoration colors and furniture placement? Consulting a professional is always advisable. But, sometimes you just want to play with ideas on your own. Visualizing a renovation is hard to imagine with flat line 2d drawings. What is unique about this product is that manufacturers of products like Forbo and Panasonic subscribe to My Virtual Home so that you can get photo realistic representations of their products in your room. The down side is that their generic catalog is more extensive than the actual manufacturers that subscribe to this product. The photo-realism in my opinion still looks cartoonish, but hey for the price of $0 if you buy it in your September issue of Better Homes and Garden Magazine, you can’t beat it, Regular price is under 10 bucks! Although, you will have to have the system requirements on your computer to run this software. I use 2020 that costs on average $4,000. I can customize and show photo realistic rooms but even then it has it’s limitations. Some designers have gone beyond 2020′s limitations by adding .gifs, animations, photoshop edits and so on. See Michael Martinos web site to see how he has taken his drawings to the hilt.

But for easy and quick results if you want to play with layouts yourself, My Virtual Home is a product to try with virtually no investment.

See real products
Because the MyVirtualHome software uses the latest graphical rendering technology, all the products you see are near photorealistic representations of real products from manufacturers and suppliers who are members of MyVirtualHome.

As well as being able to see the product in your home in various lights and from all angles, you see comprehensive and detailed information about each product that is listed.

If you have ever played with videogame architecture such as the Sims or Second Life, then you will be able to navigate this product. My Virtual Home is a budget-priced option based on videogame architecture (instead of CAD), providing an easy-to-use, walk through approach. You can experiment with the placement of real products via a mouse driven drag and drop system. This software is for PC’s only. There’s a flash animation of how it works at

MyVirtualHome, Free with November’s issue of Better Homes & Gardens

The very latest version (v1.7) of MyVirtualHome will be given away free with the November Issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. The Magazine goes on sale from the 19 September 2007 through to the 16 or 17 of October unless sold out. Some of the new features included in MyVirtualHome V1.7 are:

  • HomeShare, functionality that enables you to save your home file online and then share it with friends or businesses listed in the MyVirtualHome directories.
  • ProductShare will enable you to download products from websites where you see the MVH logo. Once downloaded you are then able to include them in your designs and projects
  • The Panasonic Air Conditioning Calculator enables you to select the most suitable air-conditioning unit from the Panasonic range within MyVirtualHome.
  • Radiosity lighting and reflections have also improved making MyVirtualHome even more realistic

You can use MyVirtualHome to experiment with design ideas presented in magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens to see how they suit your existing home or new project.


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