Direct Buy: Pay $5,000 to Save

September 18th, 2007 § Leave a Comment

Over at the Consumerist Blog, there is a discussion on whether the discount buying club, Direct Buy, is worth it. In it, they cite a report from Consumer Reports on the Direct Buy hard sales pitch. Consumer Reports went undercover to evaluate the company. Read the report for the full article.

The problem with Direct Buy is that they purport to save you up to 70% off of list price. Well, if you were to research your purchase by getting a quote from 2-3 different sources, you will find most stores never sell at full list and in fact that the price you save from many stores can be as much as 70% off as well. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

The one thing that matters most to consumers beside a good price is service. Aren’t we all just a little tired of getting bad service? Sales people with very little knowledge and even less enthusiasm to educate themselves on their product knowledge base. When making a purchase you want to know that you can rely on that store to stand behind their product, provide excellent customer service, and provide reasonable prices. My time is so valuable, that I don’t want to have to get the run around, call 5 different numbers, get the run around again, have to ship something back to the manufacturer myself. That to me is no bargain! I am willing to pay a little bit more if I know I am getting better service. That to me is priceless!

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