Cabinet Hardware

August 26th, 2007 § Leave a Comment

When selecting cabinet hardware, I would say 99% of my clients don’t know about break -a-way screws. You will need them for your cabinet hardware that will be attached to drawers. If you open up the drawer you will notice the thickness of the drawer box. Most drawers boxes are constructed with 1/2″ thick hardwood. The thickness of the drawer head itself is usually 3/4″ thick. Add this up and you will see where your screw supplied with your knob falls short.

A common mistake is to order your cabinet hardware and not order break-a-way screws to go through these thick drawers. A bag of 25 is about $3.00. Don’t rely on sales people to remind you. Also, not all break-way screws fit. Make sure you get the right diameter to fit your hardware. Before you buy hardware, not only will you need a count of all the doors and drawers, make a note of how many drawers you have that will require break a way screws. A good installer will have them in their tool bag, but they may run short, and you will look like a hero when you lay your break a way screws on the table.

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