Keep your Bathroom Mold Free

August 15th, 2007 § Leave a Comment

What is a bathroom topic doing in a Kitchen Blog you may be asking yourself. Occasionally, I venture into designing bathrooms for clients. One client asked me lately about controlling mold growth. Here is a link to an article I found, “Keep Your Bathroom Mold Free”, that offers simple tips anyone can follow. These are simple and sound tips I find myself sharing with clients all the time. I find it interesting that most people don’t run the vent fan in the bathroom at all, a very useful piece of equipment to evacuate steam and moisture from a bathroom. Check out the the link is to The Daily Tubber, a fun and useful website on claw foot tubs and other interesting bathroom facts.

Keep in mind, nothing can be 100% bullet proof, mold needs food and water to grow. Any wet environment can become a breeding ground if left untreated and neglected from day to day maintenance.

You can specify materials that will act as preventive measures in building your project but don’t forget to keep up the maintenance once the contractors are gone. For instance, epoxy grouts are gaining popularity in residential applications. Custom Building Products has a product called 100% Epoxy. It contains a product called MoldGard® Technology — Custom Building Products’ effective and environmentally sound approach designed to inhibit moisture intrusion and neutralize the food source that mold and mildew thrive on. It Combines with any Polyblend® Sanded Tile Grout to produce a highly stain-resistant and chemical-resistant epoxy grout. Laticrete has a product called SpectraLOCK, an epoxy based grout that utilizes a revolutionary breakthrough in technology. Its unique cross-linking system performs like an epoxy with respect to color uniformity, durability, and stain resistance and it is easy to use like a Portland cement base grout.

There are disclaimers with these products you should be aware of:
1. Some soft polished marble or delicate glazed or glass tile might be scratched. Laticrete recommends applying a small test area to determine results before grouting entire installation.
2. Epoxy resins may affect the color of porous stone. Verify results with a test area.
3. LATICRETE SpectraLOCK Grout is resistant to staining when exposed to most household products and cleaners (e.g. ketchup). However, long term exposure to any material without
proper cleaning and maintenance will increase the probability of staining.
4. Custom Building products cautions when used on exterior installations, color variations may occur over time, especially with lighter shades. May stain light colored marble or stone. Test a small area and check for staining prior to grouting the entire installation.

Another day: I’ll come back to talk about paperless drywall.

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