Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mark Cutler Design: 5 Books I Love About Architects

Mark Cutler Design: 5 Books I Love About Architects
Designers are continually looking for inspiration and fresh ideas to keep current. Part of that process is gleaning from the past. Check out Mark Cutler's site where he lists some great reading material on talented Architects.
I am an avid bookworm and collect monographs on the works of great architects I admire. Whenever I find my self on work overload, I pull open a book on work of Wallace Neff, Frank Lloyd Right, or Paul Rudolph. Lately I have been reading up on the work of Susan Susanka, an architect who embraces smaller spaces I wish more homeowners in Santa Monica and West LA would have read before building their McMansions.


kmndesign said...

I totally agree. I love Sarah Susanka's design philosophy. I clean a lot of McMansions, and notice so much wasted space. I wish her ideas were more popular among the general population.

I'm currently reading "Outside the Not So Big House" which she co-wrote with a landscape architect. It's giving me some great ideas for my own patch of land, especially since we eventually want to remodel our house. Finding a better indoor-to-outdoor connection is something I'll be better equipped to plan for now.

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