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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fabulous bath concepts from around the globe. Here are my favorites and I pay to homage to the Designers and Architects who built outside the box.

To create a dramatic entrance to the bathroom, interior designer Brandi Hagen placed an antique bench seat in front of a large Botanical Beach Grass Lumicor panel. Colors and materials were chosen to create a zen-like simplicity.

Creating a fun space that children actually look forward to using is surely a bath time winner, by Richard Behr architect and Jolie Korek, Interior Designer. Good color choices with Jerusalem Gold Stone and Mosaiac Glass Pebble Accents.
As seen in Trends Ideas

For the art collector. The freestanding Napoli is not just a functional tub - it's a sculptural installation. Edward Taylor, the president of Victoria & Albert's US headquarters, says the Napoli's ultra-contemporary design is the result of more than a decade of freestanding bath development, and is inspired by the pure organic form of an egg. The tub is a 75-inch-long, low-slung ovoid shape that provides ergonomic comfort and cocoons the bather.

Rationing hot water is a thing of the past with the Noritz tankless hot water system. Water is heated as it is used, so there is no chance it will run out. This house was designed by Dick Clark Architecture featured in Trends.

Trends volume 2205
The mixture of limestone tiles creates a light and bright bathroom that is rich in soft textures.

Architect : Robert Baum, LLP, Baum Thornley Architects (San Francisco, CA)

A translucent glass wall provides the central feature of both bathroom and bedroom. The shape of the mirrors was important, given their proximity to the glass, and this form is echoed in the stainless steel basins beneath. Soft focus from Bathroom Trends volume 2205

This bathroom by David Howell Design is created almost exclusively out of Jerusalem Gold limestone.

An entire wall of this bathroom, designed by architect Lindy Leuschke, is tiled in purple, blue and gray glass mosaics. These mosaic tiles add a strong, rich element to the otherwise simple decorative scheme.

This master bathroom, designed by architect Mark Singer of Laguna Beach, California, looks out onto a private courtyard. As well as the shower, the bathroom also features a 3ft-deep, Japanese-style soaking tub that is mirrored by a spa pool in the courtyard.


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