Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Wall Murals

Looking for a unique back splash for your Tuscan or Province inspired kitchen design?
American artist Linda Paul will produce a tile mural sized specifically for your project.

Click here to visit her web site, Linda Paul Studio.

Not to be overlooked, the outdoor kitchen is a wonderful opportunity to add a Mediterranean style mural to make your dining alfresco complete.

The above pizza oven exhibits a scenic tile mural as a focal point, painted by Linda Paul. Imagine if the mural wasn't there. It would be nondescript without it.

If whimsy is more your style how about a rooster taking flight over the cook top?

Rooster designed and sold through Studio Tiles.

Design Tip: notice the placement of the murals placed proportionately behind the cook tops. If you have a splash guard attached to your range top or a free standing range, these splash guards will disguise the beauty of the mural. Plan the height carefully so that your mural is not obscurred by the cook top or the hood.


susan said...

These are beautiful...and you are so right to point out to watch the proportion of tile backsplashes. That is so easy to miss, if someone does not understand this concept. It's a biggie! Beauties!

Elegant Kitchens Blog said...

Wow! Those are great backsplashes. It seems like everybody wants full granite backsplashes to go with their countertops, but this is definitely an option for those who are looking for something a little more unique.

-- Lionel

Anonymous said...

Hi, great pictures and ideas here. Have you done any farm kitchen type backsplashes ? I am looking specifically for something chicken related.
Thanks, Jean in Mt

Laurie said...

You can have anything your heart desires painted on a tile.
I have a source that will take photography and turn it into beautiful mosaic tile like murals.

Email me for more information.

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