Spring Cleaning

April 7th, 2007 § Leave a Comment

Now that you are waiting for the demolition date, this is a perfect opportunity to consider getting rid of items that you don’t use any more. One persons trash is another persons treasure. Before you decide to discard your bulky item, please consider reuse and/or recycling options. Review the links to the County’s “Thrift and Consignment Directory” and “The Recycling Guide” on Ventura County’s Government Resources web site.

Did you know that as of 2000, 18 states have enacted landfill bans for appliances, meaning that they will need to be recycled. The purpose of these bans is to extend the life of the nation’s landfills and encourage private industry and public sector to implement recycling of these goods. Mars Ventura offers a service that enables the customer to rid themselves of unwanted appliances. It also appeals to the environmental conscience customer by offering them an alternative to recycle instead of disposing them in the landfill. A recycling source for your unwanted appliances. Who knew?

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