It’s All Custom

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Regardless if the cabinet budget calls for stock, semi-custom or custom, each kitchen cabinet order takes the same proper planning, time, & patience. Your cabinet order goes through several hands before it is delivered to your home. Starting with the preliminary dimensions for the order, we have an estimator who measures your kitchen for all the details we need. There will be several design consultations with me; some where I meet you at your home, some at my showroom. How many design appointments depends on several factors: how decisive the client is, or at what stage I am hired with respect to engineered blueprints; are the blue prints preliminary before plan check and permits? Or has construction begun and the job is now in framing? (At what stage you hire a kitchen designer I will leave for another topic). Once the dimensions are confirmed, I design and prepare the drawings for your signature approval. Then the drawings get sent to our construction department for installation verification. A second measure is conducted to verify the dimensions. Then the cabinet purchase order is generated and faxed to the cabinet manufacturer. The manufacturer processes the order in “order entry”. The manufacturer has another person review the order, calls me if there are questions and then faxes back an acknowledgment to me. I check it and have my design associate double check it. I fax back an approval and once in production the people making your cabinetry interpret the order. Then it gets shipped and delivered.

So when you thought you had just a simple stock order, we still must give it the same attention to detail because in reality every kitchen is built to order.

At each step there’s a potential for error. We try very hard to avoid all errors on our end and to work with cabinet manufacturers who make the fewest possible errors, and help to fix the ones that happen. I worry when a client is in a rush, being pressured by their contractor, waiting till the last minute to order cabinets because fast tracking an order can lead to errors. You don’t want to rush through a cabinet order like a check out line at the market. When planning your kitchen allow your self plenty of time to make decisions at your pace.

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