What relaxes you? Music, Light, Sound Vibrations?

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Fountainhead Vibracoustic Bath

Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bathtub

Isn't it about time your tub serenaded you?

Do you remember the last time you were at a spa and felt truly relaxed, your mind and body completely at ease? Wouldn’t you love to recreate that experience in your own bathroom? I saw this working tub on display in a showroom, and literally wanted to kick everyone out, lock the doors and experience the tub for myself. Ok, well maybe not go that extent. But the idea of being fully immersed in a warm bath, lulled by sound and vibrations, short of installing one now in my home, I would be willing to travel to a spa that had one just so I could experience this relaxing tub.

It’s not often that a tub captures my interest but this one does. The Vibracoustic Bath is manufactured by Kohler. It’s called the Fountainhead®. Let me tell you about this tub. Chromatherapy alone doesn’t grab my attention. Jetted tubs are too noisy for true relaxation, but give the tub a deep bathing well, soothing vibrations and hypnotic sounds, now this makes for an interesting tub! Just thinking about this tub is relaxing. The Kohler website states: Soothing instrumental compositions play above water while acoustic vibrations sweep through the water and around the body. Let’s say you get tired of the preset music, no worries, program tunes from your Ipod, and enjoy the music coming from your tub. No speakers are visible, a beautiful thing.


  • 21″ deep bathing well to overflow.
  • Note the clever location of the Overflow in corner. Water overflows into horizontal drain for maximum bathing depth.
  • Preset, original music, composed in collaboration with a renowned sound therapist, engages and awakens the mind
  • Sound vibration envelops the body and encourages your breath and heart rate to synchronize with a slower rhythm
  • Chromatherapy, a repeating sequence of soothing colored lights, choreographed with music provides a holistic approach to profound relaxations
  • Generous, ergonomic bathing well allows you to float freely while feeling safe and secure
  • Contoured head pocket allows bather to comfortably rest his or her neck
  • Two Massaging pulse experience provides a more intensive physical vibration massage that can be varied to the desired level
  • Coordinates with the Fountainhead Suite
  • Organic shape complements simple, spa aesthetic
  • Exposed-deck installation creates a semi-raised appearance

List price*: $7,548.00 and up

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