Kohler pledges support for E-Reader Price Books

January 25th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

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The National Association of Plumbing Showroom Professionals announced that Kohler company has pledged their support to the NAOPSP’s newest endeavor to develop e-reader type price books.

The idea behind this endeavor is to develop an industry standard format for price books which can be accessed on an e-reader, tablet or some other sort of electronic device.

The move towards electronic price books is a smart one that saves time, money and decreases the burden on our environment. Price books become obsolete very quickly once a product design or price correction is added, addendum’s must be sent out to dealers and hopefully the updates make it into all the price books. As one who used to work in a showroom, I made sure my price books were up to date, but invariably, when busy, I would grab for another person’s price book and the updates were not included. This leads to pricing errors and slows down the sales order process.

The value in E-Reader Price Books means that manufacturer’s can send price updates seamlessly with automatic updates and additional collateral sales material for their product.  I look forward to more manufacturers providing E-Reader price books. This kind of sales tool is the wave of the future saving sales associates time and making the sales process more efficient.

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