Link Back Thank you to The Oven Claw

August 4th, 2010 § Leave a Comment

Just a quick shout out to The Oven Claw Blog and Bill Leikam! Thanks for the mention too. Move over Martha Stewart and Oprah, it’s my pleasure to be the bird dog when I see a great gadget too. Noted as “America’s Most Promising Startups” featured in Business Week 4/07/09.  Have you ever been burned when pulling out a hot turkey or pie from the oven? I have and it’s no fun. The Oven Claw, is a very sturdy and unique kitchen tool that solves this problem. “The 18-inch long grabber can easily extract a cooked turkey from the oven without making a cook reach her (or his) arm inside (and possibly be burned).”

I like it because it’s sculptural too. Looks good hanging around in the kitchen.


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