Blogging: Vice or Vision

April 30th, 2010 § 2 Comments

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Why have a blog? Is it a vice or is it a vision? Some people knit to keep their hands busy, others smoke. I found blogging became my favorite spare time filler a few years back. At first the blog filled those spare moments at work to dash off my thoughts about a project detail or product I liked. Then, I found it became an addiction that usurped my time when I should have been working, sleeping, paying attention to my family and MY LIFE. Blogging is something I do as a past time, not a full time job. If you find yourself blogging in the wee hours of the morning, communicating with your blogroll more than your clients or family, you may have crossed over into the land of blog addiction. To test your blog addiction, click here.

Not one to fall prey into addictive behavior, I saw a pattern and learned to curb the amount of time I spend on this page. A) Blogging is a fun past time, but this isn’t my day job. B) I enjoy getting away from the computer. Work, clients, activities in my life that take precedence over the blog. C) It takes time to create stories for the blog. Before I knew it, I was bombarded by press people looking for a landing page to promote their clients’ latest hot new product. It takes time to keep up a blog on a daily basis and I had to ask myself is it worth it? Truth by told, I don’t care how many hits I get, and I don’t care if I am on your blog roll or not. I am not one to follow the crowd to keep up.

“The time it takes to work 
on a blog worth it?

PR people, please excuse me if I can’t answer all your emails requesting blog space to promote your latest dinnerware pattern, air freshener, rugs, and what nots. I am sure your products are fabulous, but I have to draw the line somewhere. I say let’s get back to magazines, have your client buy ad space in magazines. People: buy and read magazines! It’s awful so many great magazine bit the dust in the last few years. The down side of blogging I see is that it contributed to killing magazines. There are thousands of bloggers out there clipping and scanning pretty pics out of magazines to create their own sort of blog magazine. That’s fine I suppose if it makes you money, but that’s not for me.

If it’s not making me 
oodles of cash, why blog? 

Hats off to those of you who have the wherewithal to keep up with yours on a daily basis. I will not be joining that master group any time soon, it’s a full time job blogging daily. I know some of you have parlayed your blogging into cash producing ventures, and that is truly fabulous. I have enjoyed meeting wonderful people through my blog, and the new career opportunities that have been made available to me through this blog. But for me, this blog will remain an extension of my work focus: kitchens and cabinetry design and a smattering of baths and tile. When I have time to post about something wonderful, I will do it, but for now, you can catch me commenting in 140 words or less on Twitter as @cabinetgal1.

Times up, spell check, preview, and publish! I’m done with my blog writing for today.

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