Reports from KBIS: What’s new in sinks.

May 6th, 2009 § 3 Comments

Reports from the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2009 tell of a shift towards design trends that show cleaner and simpler lines that not only look good but are easy to maintain.

Case in point: A fundamental shift in sink and drain design.

Look! Kim and Aggie would be proud. No seams for bacteria to hide.

Affluence Seamless Sink is putting a spotlight on the drain opening of the kitchen sink.
The problem with drains is that they become dirty, pit, or rust over time with use.

The affluence seamless sink is seamless and easy to keep clean. No more unsightly plumbers putty, silicone, or seams, just pure smooth stainless steel. No more seams to collect water and debris that breed bacteria and germs. Affluence looks nice over time, since the downturn is a smooth transition and all parts are made of 100% solid 304 stainless steel.

Be sure to see the video at to see the garbage disposal installation.

18 gauge sink. Sink and strainer are made out of 304 stainless steel. The disposal splash guard is removable for easy cleaning.

Seamless beauty.
For more information, visit Affluence Seamless Sink.

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