Dyson and Qinetiq: Game On. Inventors battle it out in the kitchen.

May 5th, 2009 § 1 Comment

News from the Sunday timesonline.co.uk, May 3, 2009 reveals that Sir James Dyson, the inventor, who revolutionized the vacuum cleaner with a dual cyclone bagless vacuum, has filed new British and American patents for new kitchen design inventions. According to the Times article, Dyson and Qinetiq, the research company spin-off from the Ministry of Defense, are competing to provide the kitchen of tomorrow.

Dyson has patent protected inventions including appliances in tall, rectangular shapes that fit together on a platform, replacing the pointed spouts, long cables and sharp corners of blenders, juicers and kettles.

This weekend, cleaning out my refrigerator, I was thinking of replacing all my round plastic ware with square shaped clear storage containers. Square shapes take up less space than round food savers. It is always a battle to keep a fully stocked refrigerator organized, with food viewable from clear containers and accessable. Can’t wait to see what Sir James has in mind for the kitchen of the future.

Meanwhile, the article further states that scientists at Qinetiq, (pronounced kinetic), are developing flexible crockery that can be bent into a plate, bowl or cup. It uses “shape memory alloys” developed for the military.

Now if they could just come up with plastic food savers that do not stain or lose thier shape once washed in a dishwasher. Ah, nothing beats glass, but glass is not so practical when packing a lunch to go. Qinetiq and Sir James Dyson, are you up for the challenge?

What say you? What would you like to see improved in kitchen design? The inventors are listening.

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