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Lead Paint Regulation- The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a new legislation aimed at protecting children from lead-based paint hazards. There are several components of this rule that contractors will be required to follow. While some requirements will not take effect until April, 2010, the first phase of this rule takes effect December 22, 2008 and requires contractors to distribute EPA’s new Renovate Right brochure to owners of homes built before 1978. View the attached PDF version of the brochure by clicking the link for more information.


  • The rule requires that contractors and construction professionals that perform work in pre-1978 housing distribute certain information before performing the work and follow lead-safe work practice standards during the work.
  • This brochure must be provided no more than 60 days before beginning work.
  • This brochure also must be provided before doing work on a “child-occupied facility” (as defined in the regulations to include things like day care centers and other buildings frequently visited by children under 6) built before 1978.

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