Cleaning up in the New Year in Less Time!

January 5th, 2011 § 2 Comments

Came across a new item in washing machines that sounds pretty innovative and time saving. Check it out:

Good Housekeeping honors new GE Profile™ washer with prestigious award

LOUISVILLE, KY — January 4, 2010 — (NYSE:GE) — Consumer evaluations and laboratory testing prove the “Overnight Ready” cycle on the GE Profile™ frontload washer with Steam and SmartDispense™ technology an overnight success for busy households.

It is the late-night dilemma of many busy Americans — keeping their eyes open another hour or so to wash and dry clothes they just realized they needed the next morning. GE has an answer that’s much better than staying awake through another late-night talk show: the GE Profile™ frontload washer with Steam technology that cleans clothes and gets them ready to wear by morning — right out of the washer.

GE Profile frontload washer and dryer with Steam and SmartDispense technology

The GE Profile™ frontload washer with Steam and SmartDispense™ technology (shown here with matching dryer) cleans clothes and gets them ready to wear by morning — right out of the washer.

“Good Housekeeping is proud to honor GE Profile’s frontload Steam washer with Overnight Ready Cycle with a 2011 Very Innovative Products (VIP) Award. This represents an outstanding achievement, as the winners of our VIP Awards are chosen from thousands of products,” says Miriam Arond, director of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, “Our VIP Award winners are products that are ingenious breakthroughs and solve everyday problems in new and exciting ways. The fact that GE’s product performed so well is extremely impressive.”

The washer’s innovative “Overnight Ready” cycle washes clothes, then removes so much moisture that clothes are comfortable to wear without transferring to the dryer.1 It’s the first unit in the industry2 with the ability to wash small loads3 on an overnight cycle. The cycle even helps prevent clothes from wrinkling compared to clothes that are left sitting in the washer overnight. The “Overnight Ready” cycle keeps clothes moving gently up to eight hours to remove moisture content. Two easy-to-clean filters trap lint for excellent results.

“Having both that fresh-from-the-laundry feeling and a couple more hours of sleep is a huge bonus for today’s busy lifestyles. Now you don’t have to sacrifice your sleep to get the laundry done,” said Jennifer Schoenegge, product manager, Clothes Care. “Whether it’s the kids’ soccer uniforms, a pair of jeans for casual Friday, or a few dress shirts, the GE Profile frontload steam washer finishes the laundry while you sleep.”

Providing further convenience through innovation, when the GE Profile frontload washer with Steam and Overnight Ready is paired with the optional pedestal (sold separately), the owner can activate SmartDispense™ technology, which stores up to six months of detergent and automatically dispenses detergent and fabric softener based on each load’s size, soil level, water hardness and fabric or cycle type. Never worry again about laundry’s myriad variables and virtually eliminate messy detergent bottles from the laundry room.

Now through March 13, 2011, GE is offering, as part of their “Save Green” national promotion through authorized GE resellers, up to $100 in savings with the purchase of a GE Profile frontload steam washer and dryer with steam. Go to to locate an authorized GE Appliance reseller in your area.

The GE Profile™ frontload washer and dryer with Steam and SmartDispense™ technology is white (PFWS4600LWW, PFDS450ELWW, EST: $1,399* each). Additional frontload models include the GE Profile™ frontload washer and dryer with Steam and SmartDispense™ technology in champagne (FW4605LMG, PFDS455ELMG, EST: $1,499* each). Optional SmartDispense™ pedestals in white (SPBD880JWW, EST: $499*) and in champagne (SPBD880JMG, EST: $599*). *Retsellers determine their own resale price.

1. 2.5 lbs. AHAM spec allows drying of one pair of jeans, three cotton dress shirts, two soccer uniforms, three sets of crib sheets, one dress shirt, one pair of khakis, and two sets of scrubs.
2. Established through review of leading competitors’ product specifications available to the public in March 2010.
3. 2.5 lbs. AHAM spec allows drying of one pair of jeans, three cotton dress shirts, two soccer uniforms, three sets of crib sheets, one dress shirt, one pair of khakis, and two sets of scrubs.
* Resellers determine resale price.


Sneak Preview from Armstrong Cabinets

March 24th, 2009 § 3 Comments

Everyone is gearing up for the Kitchen and Bath Show, held in Atlanta, Georgia May 1-3, where all the latest and most innovative kitchen and bath products will be previewed.

Here is a sneak preview from Armstrong cabinets. With functional and organized product introductions like the SalonCenter, getting dressed and out the door in the morning just got easier. Many designers, including me, have been using similar ideas for their clients for years, but the difference was that it had to be designed, parts pulled together from after market vendors and custom built according to our exact specifications. Having to customize a cabinet always added to the cost. It is a good day when manufacturers are standardizing features that just make good sense at an affordable cost.

Read below for more information from Armstrong.

SalonCenter™ Brings Affordable Luxury to the Bath

LaundryCenter™ Organizes the Busiest Room in the House

New SalonCenter™ from Armstrong Cabinets provides convenient solutions for the bath by creating a luxurious spa-like bathroom loaded with built-in storage space. SalonCenter, a self contained pull out system, allows for organization of hair dryers, curling irons, and other vanity items. Imagine: His and hers preparation areas, makeup area with vanity stool and salon center pullouts that provide abundant storage for linens and supplies. Several other cabinet storage accessories not only complete the bath, but make it work as good as it looks.

The laundry room is the next big area for organization. Armstrong Cabinets provides an innovative solution – LaundryCenter™ – that is modular, scalable and fits to the size of any laundry room.

Completely customizable, customers can choose from a pull-out cabinet insert with hangers to dry shirts, a clothing folding table as well as an ironing board pull-out, among others. A combination of these zoned organization solutions along with the appropriate layout of cabinets can redefine the laundry area to create a perfect balance of form and function.

“Efficient interior space design provides the storage, convenience and organization needed for any home and lifestyle. The trend in cabinets is not just exterior aesthetics, but personalized storage, whether in the kitchen, media room, mud room, laundry room or bath,” says Marketing Manager Tosha Diiorio. “Our Zoned Organization Solutions make life easier and more enjoyable.”

For more information, visit or call 1-800-527-5903.

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