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March 16th, 2009 § 3 Comments

Interior Design Protection Council

Take control your future…
Amended HB 1168 will still put you OUT OF BUSINESS!

Attend Hearing on March 17th

Dear Maryland design community and supporters of the Freedom Movement:

IDPC has received word that the sponsor of practice act HB 1168 will announce the following amendments AT THE MARCH 17TH HEARING:

On page 5, in line 11, strike “OR”; in line 13, after “SELECTION” insert “, MOVEMENT, OR ARRANGEMENT”; and in line 15, strike the period and substitute “;



In addition, on March 11th, Deanna Waldron, ASID stated “because HB 1168 does restrict the use of the term “interior designer,” it does not align with ASID policy,” so it is very likely that this bill will also be amended to restrict the practice of interior to “licensed interior designers,” in order to maintain support from ASID.

Please note that these amendments would do
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to change our position!

There is no need, nor has any evidence been presented, that the UNregulated practice of interior places the public in any form of jeopardy.

If this bill passes, in order to continue practicing the FULL SCOPE of interior design — as you have the freedom to do now — you will have to be NCIDQ certified. That means you may have to close down your business and go back to school, or go to work under another licensed designer (if you can even find one willing to hire you) at little or no pay in order to qualify to sit for the NCIDQ exam.

We simply cannot stand by and allow the interior design cartel to monopolize all the business in Maryland and dictate to consumers who they may hire. We need YOUR help to stop it.

Please please plan to attend the hearing:
March 17th
1:00 p.m.
Room 230 of the House Office Bldg
6 Bladen St, Annapolis MD 21401.

This law would put many thousands of Maryland designers, decorators, contractors and retailers out of business without any demonstrable showing of harm to the public from the failure to license the interior design profession. If passed, Maryland would go against the vast majority of states which found such legislation to be anti-competitive and unnecessary.

If this law is passed, only 325 designers will have the freedom to practice as they like. Thousands will lose their ability to earn a living and contribute to the growth of Maryland’s economy.

There are only three states in the entire country that have interior design practice laws, and none were passed since the 1990s. Most recently, the Supreme Court of Alabama struck down and declared unconstitutional that state’s interior design practice law which was less restrictive than the one being proposed here.

At least twelve state agencies reports have examined the need for titling and/or licensing laws for interior designers and all found no benefit to the public, concluding that consumers already possessed the means to make informed decisions about interior designers. Click here to access all twelve reports.

In 2002, the Maryland Department of Legislative Services conducted a Sunset review of Maryland’s existing interior design title act and recommended a repeal of that law, stating that the regulation of Interior designers was not needed to assure the protection of the public as the interior design services offered by certified interior designers present no risk of serious injury or financial harm to the public. Nothing has changed since the date of that report.

Please note that under this bill, interior design is defined to include:

Preparing and administering interior design documents, including drawings, schedules, and specifications, in the planning and design of interior spaces involving:
lighting fixtures
interior construction
There is NO grandfathering for those who are not already certified. You will NOT be able to continue practicing.

Click here to read the entire bill.

DC, DE and VA

Help your colleagues in the State of Maryland defeat restrictive design licensing in their state. If you do or plan to do business in Maryland you should take this threat to the design community seriously. If the most restrictive, anti-competitive law in the country is passed in Maryland, how long do you think it will be before the interior design cartel enacts or expands a similar law in your state?


Action must be taken now to let the members of the House Economic Matters Committee know about the widespread effect that such disastrous legislation would have, not only on your right to continue in business but on the rights of many thousands of employers and employees in the State of Maryland who will be negatively affected by this restrictive and unnecessary legislation.

In today’s difficult economic climate, the state should not pass legislation which would make it more difficult for its citizens to compete in the free and open market, unless there is compelling evidence that the public is being harmed by the failure to regulate. Clearly, no such evidence exists.

Click here for contact information for Economic Matters Committee

Everyone needs to be involved to defeat this bill!


If you are planning to:
Attend the hearing
Attend and testify at the hearing
please contact pmorrow@IDPCinfo.org on Monday, March 16th.

IDPC is the only national organization solely dedicated to protecting your livelihood and right to practice.

Please join our crusade and become a member.

Patti Morrow
Executive Director
Interior Design Protection Council

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