Permission to make a mess granted.

April 8th, 2010 § 1 Comment

You’ve got to love these creative marketing types that elevate making a mess into something fun to do and a chance to win a free faucet. Be sure to tell your friends to make a mess too and enter a chance to win “my faucet”, ok it’s really Delta’s Pilar Touch 2 0 faucet, but I now have one courtesy of Delta and love it. By the way, it is pronounced “Touch-Two-Oh”, not Touch Twenty. Don’t ask me why, but I think marketing was being cute with a play of words using a take off of water’s own molecular symbol, H20. Touch20, H20. Get it?   

Here’s what you do: It’s really easy.  Basically, you make a mess with the widget at That’s my gingerbread man finger painting below, cleaning up with my, eh- I mean Delta’s Pilar Touch2O Faucet. 

Play around with it. Don’t like your creation? Wash the canvas and start over again.  Once you are happy with your finger doodles, submit it to the online gallery and enter your chance to win a faucet. It will send you a confirmation email asking if you want to enter the contest. Fingers ready? Go make a mess! 

10 ‘gee-whiz’ products that will rocket your kitchen into the future

April 5th, 2010 § 1 Comment

Wondering what’s the buzz on new kitchen technology? Check out this great little article on MSN, “10 ‘gee-whiz’ products that will rocket your kitchen into the future”, by Christopher Sololmon, to see what’s the latest in forward thinking technology for the kitchen. When I was contacted by Chris Solomon in January, I was happy to contribute my opinion on the Anvil Motion for the article and pleased to see another item that has been on my radar for the last year was also included in the article. I talked about Anvil Motion back here and Delta Touch 20 technology here, herehere, and here.  Happy to be your bird-dog on hot new items. Enjoy the article.

Neat ideas! 

Also, pleased to see another nifty new item, Drawer Vac, made the list too. When you see the article link at MSN, you will see it’s useful application for kitchen clean up, but I have another useful idea for vacuums. How about bathroom clean up? I can tell you that some of my most creative inspirations come from the most mundane tasks, one of them happens to be blow drying my very thick hair. I have a lot of hair and lose lots of it every time I brush. I hate seeing hair on the floor and hate even more the time it takes to sweep up. I am also a neat freak, so I needed a way to make bathroom clean up easier in the morning. Here is my own neat idea for keeping the bathroom tidy in the morning. Install a roll out tray inside a vanity cabinet and install a portable hose vacuum. Power up, grab the hose and floor clean up is a snap! It’s a quick fix to a messy situation in the bathroom, it’s even more convenient if you can have an outlet installed inside the cabinet. If you can’t afford to install an automated toekick vac, this would be the ideal solution. So far, I am happy with my low tech vacuum fix. Hair and dust bunnies be gone! Clean up made simple. Your family will thank you for making clean up easier.    

Friday Faucets: Hey, my faucet is named as a finalist!

March 5th, 2010 § Leave a Comment

Delta Pilar

Faucet Friday Follow Up

December 8th, 2009 § 2 Comments

It’s been a week since we installed the new Delta Pilar Touch 20 faucet and so far so good. But, as with any remodeling effort, the domino effect ensued. The new faucet required new angle stops. Then suddenly our garbage disposal decided it had enough and quit without notice. The nerve! We replaced it mid week. The consensus in our household: we all love this new faucet. 

Comments from the Peanut Gallery: Here is what we think of a few parts and what would make it better: The button cap that covers the set screw on the back of the faucet is not flexible and wont stay in. We tried to get it to fit over the screw but it popped out. It broke. We then tried the chrome one, (two came in the package depending if you ordered chrome or stainless), but that one popped out too. It’s a real hassle. Since we don’t see this little button cap part because it’s on the back side of the faucet, we are not going to sweat over it.

The plastic battery pack (4 C size batteries) came with stick-em tape to attach to the inside of the cabinet. Well, the batteries are heavy and over time that stick-em tape will not hold the battery pack in place. We think screws to attach the battery pack to the inside of the cabinet would be more helpful.

A design feature we noticed could be problematic for the elderly, forgetful or for kids…the faucet rotates all the way back. Right away we worried Mom would swing it out of her way and forget to swing it back, turning the water on and flooding the counter top behind sink. We have forewarned her not to swing it that far back. 

Oh, also the video has an older model, some of the parts were different than we saw in our faucet box, we were worried we were missing parts.

On the box, it does not mention new 3/8 angle stops are required. That would have been helpful to have printed on the outside of the box to remind us, (eh-hem) plumbing novices, while we are still at the big box store, to be forewarned to get new angle stops before we (I mean they) leave.

The hose is not as long as I thought it would be. I need another foot to be really practical and reach the plants behind the sink or to fill a heavy stock pot on the counter. My mom has arthritis and lifting a heavy pot up and out of the sink is a problem. But the braided hose is very durable. The retraction for the Magnatite spray head is really good. A simple push and it finds it’s home snugly.  

If you are not a plumber and installing a new faucet, be sure to read ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS to the letter. For example, the instructions warned not to over tighten. Tighter is not better. We g-e-n-t-l-y tightened and of course we wound up with a gentle leak the next day. So we gently tightened again. No leaks so far. All is good.  Also, plumbers tape is not necessary on the threads. Learning curve aside, we are happy we have our new Delta Faucet.

Pilar Touch-Activated Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with ToucH2O® including Soap Dispenser

I have a new found appreciation for Plumbers and the rates they charge.

November 30th, 2009 § 5 Comments

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! Long weekends are so wonderful, it’s like getting a little mini vacation.

Today, I helped my brother ( I read the instructions) install a new Pilar Touch 2O kitchen faucet by Delta. I’ll blog more about this week with tips and comments. Bottom line: We love it! It’s terrific. Look ma, no more chicken hands on the faucet.

We got it in and it works great, but I certainly see why plumbers get paid the big bucks. It’s not just the process of installing a new item, it’s dealing with cruddy old parts, rusted angle stops and other detritus that they are prepared to deal with that a novice is not. So anyhow, it’s a beautiful thing to complete a project from start to finish even though it took us all day while a plumber would have done it within a couple of hours.

You had me at first tap.

May 13th, 2009 § 2 Comments

I fell in love with Pilar.

What is so special about her, you ask?
She is very smart.
Don’t pass her by without a second look. Her beauty comes from within.
An absolute innovator in knowing how to save energy and water.
She knows how to handle messy situations in a snap.
She is sensitive to those with special needs.
So intuitive, she knows what I need.
Talk about smart? She has turned her love of diamonds into a technology, envied by all.
And, her magnetic personality will never let you down.

“She’s-a-beautiful”, (repeat and must say with an Italian accent for emphasis)

Yes, a faucet!
Men are always referring to their sports cars using the pronoun, “she”, so why not show the same reverence for a beautifully designed faucet that is smart as a whip. An affordable electronic faucet with incredibly smart features at an attractive price. Unrivaled at this price point.

Pilar Smart Faucet Facts:

  • Specs: 10 5/8″ reach and a 54″ long hose makes this faucet an excellent option for larger sinks. 13 7/8″ high swing spout.
  • 2 or 3 hole sink applications.
  • Pull down wand operates in an aerated or spray mode via a two function toggle control.
  • Flow Rate: 2.2 gpm.
  • One-piece InnoFlex® waterways with PEX-C tubing make DIAMOND Seal Technology faucets simple to install.
  • ADA compliant. Users with special needs will find the Touch2O™ Technology very easy to use and compliant with the American Disabilities Act.
  • Diamond Seal Technology. Delta’s exclusive DIAMOND Seal Technology uses a valve with a tough diamond coating to bring you a faucet built to last up to 5 million uses – plus it keeps water inside the faucet out of contact with potential metal contaminants. Leak free, longer lasting, lead free, and less hassle.
  • Touch2O™ Technology. The intuitive tap technology enables you to turn the faucet on and off with just a touch — anywhere on the faucet’s body or handle.
    So, when hands are messy during meal prep or clean-up, Touch2O™ Technology helps reduce the spread of germs and bacteria — simply touch the faucet body with your wrist or forearm.
    Touch2O™ Technology can also help you conserve water. As you prepare food or wash up in the sink, just tap the Touch2O™ faucet to keep water from running when you don’t need it. Then just touch it again to start the water flowing again.
  • MagnaTite™ docking keeps the kitchen pull-down spray wand firmly in place with a powerful integrated magnet, so it stays docked when not in use.
    The pull-down spray wand comes free with a gentle tug and gives you total flexibility. The hose extends and retracts without friction points, fed by gravity. The toggle button on most wands featuring MagnaTite allows you to switch between aerated spray and stream modes.
    As you raise the wand to dock it, the magnet embedded in the spout pulls the wand precisely into place. So unlike other pull-downs that tend to droop over time, MagnaTite keeps your pull-down faucet looking picture perfect.
  • Touch-Clean® soft, rubber nubbins that allow you to easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up with the touch of a finger.
54″ hose for greater reach for tall vases or stock pots.

Two function toggle means hands free aerated spray mode.
Pilar understands the difference between a touch and a grasp.

Reduce the spread of cross contamination of germs or bacteria with Smart Touch2O™.
Leak free, longer lasting, lead free, and less hassle.
Once inside the faucet, water is not in contact with potential metal contaminants.
Pilar works well in a traditional or contemporary space.

For more video details, visit
or click on the links below.
Pilar Pull Down
Diamond Seal Technology
How to Install a Pilar

Where Am I?

You are currently browsing the Delta Pilar Touch20 category at Kitchen Design Notes.

Delta’s Pilar, (my) pull-down kitchen faucet with Touch2O technology was named a finalist in the Industrial Design category of the 2010 Edison Best New Product Awards on Feb.11, the 163rd birthday of inventor Thomas Alva Edison. The Pilar uses capacitance technology (touch anywhere) to allow users to start and stop the flow of water with a simple touch or tap anywhere on the spout or handle.

I first wrote about the Delta Pilar in May, ’09 and again in November 09, and then again in December ’09. I am excited to know “my faucet” has been nominated. So how’s it going so far you ask? Great! The touch mechanism is a dream for me. I admit, it took a few days to get used to, similar to learning how to drive a stick shift, I had a few herky-jerky days trying to get used to it. But the first time I had “chicken hands” it was smooth tapping all the way. Here is my routine: When I begin to prepare a meal, I turn the handle to the “on” position and touch it anywhere to turn it off. When I am ready to rinse, all I need to do is touch the faucet anywhere with a slight tap to turn the water on and off just as quickly. The other benefit is the water temperature remains constant where I last positioned the handle.  After experimenting tapping on and off with different body parts, back of hand, pinky finger, wrist, forearm, I found that I prefer tapping with my knuckle. Sensor technology, I can really get used to this! The other happy note on this is my soap dispenser. (If you are a client of mine, you know that I never liked soap dispensers because they are usually junk and the first thing to break in a kitchen.) The Pilar Soap Dispenser has changed my view of soap dispensers. It is as sturdy as it looks. It passed the pump test, no sticking and remains free flowing. 

Congratulations to the engineers and product designers at Delta on your 2010 Edison Best New Product Awards nomination for the Pilar Touch2O . The other nominees in this category are SOLE POWER ROOF TILE, from SRS Energy & MOTOROLA APX™ 7000 FIRST RESPONDER RADIO, from Motorola

The 2010 Edison Awards Ceremony and New Product Showcase will be held at the Capitale in New York City on April 29, 2010.