10 ‘gee-whiz’ products that will rocket your kitchen into the future

April 5th, 2010 § 1 Comment

Wondering what’s the buzz on new kitchen technology? Check out this great little article on MSN, “10 ‘gee-whiz’ products that will rocket your kitchen into the future”, by Christopher Sololmon, to see what’s the latest in forward thinking technology for the kitchen. When I was contacted by Chris Solomon in January, I was happy to contribute my opinion on the Anvil Motion for the article and pleased to see another item that has been on my radar for the last year was also included in the article. I talked about Anvil Motion back here and Delta Touch 20 technology here, herehere, and here.  Happy to be your bird-dog on hot new items. Enjoy the article.

Neat ideas! 

Also, pleased to see another nifty new item, Drawer Vac, made the list too. When you see the article link at MSN, you will see it’s useful application for kitchen clean up, but I have another useful idea for vacuums. How about bathroom clean up? I can tell you that some of my most creative inspirations come from the most mundane tasks, one of them happens to be blow drying my very thick hair. I have a lot of hair and lose lots of it every time I brush. I hate seeing hair on the floor and hate even more the time it takes to sweep up. I am also a neat freak, so I needed a way to make bathroom clean up easier in the morning. Here is my own neat idea for keeping the bathroom tidy in the morning. Install a roll out tray inside a vanity cabinet and install a portable hose vacuum. Power up, grab the hose and floor clean up is a snap! It’s a quick fix to a messy situation in the bathroom, it’s even more convenient if you can have an outlet installed inside the cabinet. If you can’t afford to install an automated toekick vac, this would be the ideal solution. So far, I am happy with my low tech vacuum fix. Hair and dust bunnies be gone! Clean up made simple. Your family will thank you for making clean up easier.    

Cool looks, new finds or what I love today.

March 7th, 2010 § 3 Comments

Always on the hunt for fabulous finds, check out what is catching my eye. 
I discovered a great new kitchen website called Beautiful Kitchens where I first found this funky glass back splash designed with red circles. It is from www.funkysplashbacks.com.
Heath Ceramics, dimensional tile was just what this kitchen needed.
The tile pattern wakes up an austere kitchen with flat one dimensional surfaces.
Photo credit: Kitchen at the 2009 Decorator’s Showcase house by J. Weiss Design
Here is the same pattern by Heath Ceramics, shown in a matte brown. I have always loved this pattern.
Installation by Ann Sacks at KBIS in Matte Brown using oval shaped tiles. Photo: © Ann Sacks 

The same tile takes on a whole new appearance with a theatrical look. Almost as if a curtain is rising, using 3×9 shaped oval tiles in a custom color. Photo: © Annie Schlechter
This is in the Maritime Hotel, (Matsuri Restaurant), New York City in the Meat Packing District.  
The clean contemporary lines of The Cube collection appear to have no visible seams. 
Found at Wetstyle.com

Are you ready to submerge? As in, get ready to get your body submerged in a deep tub. 
The BC09 from the Cube Collection is 30″ wide, 60″ in length and 24″ deep. 67 gallons. Comes with a Wenge tray.    A drop in tub available in a 1, 2 or 3 wall configuration. Glossy or matte finish.  
Designer note: I do not recommend this as a tub/shower application.  A 24″ depth is awkward to climb in and out of for a shower, especially for people with mobility problems or small children. 

The BC11, from The Cube Collection. 
10 possible configurations available. 
60″ x 32″ x 17 3/4″, 70 gallons.

The BOV02, from The Ove Collection from Wetstyle. 
It’s great that it has a wider ledge to lean sit on and swing your legs over and into the tub. 
72″ x 36″, 65 Gallon capacity to overflow. 

S 1978 Also from the Niche Collection from Wetstyle. 
Clever storage ideas for the tub collections.

Sneak Preview from Armstrong Cabinets

March 24th, 2009 § 3 Comments

Everyone is gearing up for the Kitchen and Bath Show, held in Atlanta, Georgia May 1-3, where all the latest and most innovative kitchen and bath products will be previewed.

Here is a sneak preview from Armstrong cabinets. With functional and organized product introductions like the SalonCenter, getting dressed and out the door in the morning just got easier. Many designers, including me, have been using similar ideas for their clients for years, but the difference was that it had to be designed, parts pulled together from after market vendors and custom built according to our exact specifications. Having to customize a cabinet always added to the cost. It is a good day when manufacturers are standardizing features that just make good sense at an affordable cost.

Read below for more information from Armstrong.

SalonCenter™ Brings Affordable Luxury to the Bath

LaundryCenter™ Organizes the Busiest Room in the House

New SalonCenter™ from Armstrong Cabinets provides convenient solutions for the bath by creating a luxurious spa-like bathroom loaded with built-in storage space. SalonCenter, a self contained pull out system, allows for organization of hair dryers, curling irons, and other vanity items. Imagine: His and hers preparation areas, makeup area with vanity stool and salon center pullouts that provide abundant storage for linens and supplies. Several other cabinet storage accessories not only complete the bath, but make it work as good as it looks.

The laundry room is the next big area for organization. Armstrong Cabinets provides an innovative solution – LaundryCenter™ – that is modular, scalable and fits to the size of any laundry room.

Completely customizable, customers can choose from a pull-out cabinet insert with hangers to dry shirts, a clothing folding table as well as an ironing board pull-out, among others. A combination of these zoned organization solutions along with the appropriate layout of cabinets can redefine the laundry area to create a perfect balance of form and function.

“Efficient interior space design provides the storage, convenience and organization needed for any home and lifestyle. The trend in cabinets is not just exterior aesthetics, but personalized storage, whether in the kitchen, media room, mud room, laundry room or bath,” says Marketing Manager Tosha Diiorio. “Our Zoned Organization Solutions make life easier and more enjoyable.”

For more information, visit www.Armstrong.com/Cabinets or call 1-800-527-5903.

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