Small Space Kitchen Options

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In a small kitchen, more than not, compromises have to be made.

Not all compromises are a bad idea. I love small space kitchens and they can be executed with charm and function.
The benefit of a small, but well designed kitchen, is that they can be efficient with fewer steps between the appliances, and fewer but well designed counter and cabinet storage space. The problem with small spaces if designed poorly; poor storage, lack of counter space, and inefficient appliances can send one through the loop trying to prepare a simple meal.

Photo from THS Sensational Space Saving Kitchens

Photo from THS Sensational Space Saving Kitchens

A client befuddled with her small space condo. kitchen, came to me for help. She said she is considering eliminating her dishwasher to gain much needed drawer space. You could do this if you do not use the dishwasher much but I think a dishwasher is good for resale value, so in a small space I have some other options for you to consider.

I have walked into many condominium kitchens and suffice it to say, many builders stick to the same cookie cutter and most decidedly ugly and awkward kitchen layout imaginable of: Narrow Pantry or no pantry, the 30″ Range cornered between a refrigerator with a 39″ x 12″ deep cabinet above it, and one Blind Corner base, a 39″ Sink Base , a 24″ dishwasher and maybe one or two base cabinets 12″ or 15″. And in today’s market, buying a condominium priced at exorbitant prices with these pathetic kitchens is highway robbery. There is no thought, no creativity in these kitchens, never the less, it is done time and time again. So let us look at what can be done.

So you say your kitchen storage is lacking in storage with blind corners, narrow drawers or not nearly enough drawers. Here are some design options that will expand your storage and still afford the luxury of having a dishwasher without compromising drawer space.

In this kitchen, designed by chef Michael Lomonaco, the plan for the 7-by-10 foot galley kitchen was simple: use every available space efficiently, without changing the basic layout. So he moved the sink faucet into the corner and the microwave to over the range—the only configuration changes he made—freeing up counter space for food prep. Photo from THS: A Chef’s Small Kitchen

Let me preface, I do not recommend shrinking a dishwasher to 18″ if you have proper base storage already in your kitchen. What is adequate base storage? Besides your sink base, a small kitchen equipped with at least a minimum of one bank of drawers 15″ or larger for storing flat ware, dishtowels and small hand appliances, or bake ware.
Besides the sink base, at least one 21″ or larger cabinet to store pots and pans with top drawer space for cooking utensils. A third drawer or cabinet with roll out trays would be optimal for additional storage needs. Photo credit: THS

No space to build out in your small kitchen? Consider using an 18″ dishwasher in place of a 24″ dishwasher to pick up another 6″ of base storage. This makes a huge difference if your small kitchen has only one narrow bank of drawers. You can gain 3 sq ft of additional storage in a standard 24″ deep base space. This makes a huge difference in terms of better storage capabilities.
An 18″ dishwasher generally is adequate for 2 – 3 persons and can hold up to 6 or 8 standard place settings.

Bosch Special Application Dishwasher, srv53CO3UC measures 18″ wide.
To accommodate large or oddly shaped dishes, RACKMATIC® allows you to raise or lower the premium upper rack at the touch of a lever (even when full), giving you up to 14″ of space on the bottom or 10″ on top. Features: QuickWash: allows you to wash six place settings in just 30 minutes. It’s perfect for times when you need to wash a small load quickly.

Miele Slimline Series offers two models. Model G818SCVi Dishwasher is fully integrated with the control panel concealed at the top. Model G 832 SCi locates the control panel on the front.
Features of the Miele Slimline:

    Upper basket features:
  • Deep, height adjustable basket
  • Fixed spiked inserts
  • Two, single-section cup racks
    Lower basket features:
  • Hinged spiked insert
  • Removable spiked insert
Standard feature in the slimline dishwashers have a device that measures the hardness of the water intake at every stage of the program and manipulates it, when necessary, with a salt additive that makes the water optimal for dishwashing.

The flat ware tray at the top frees up space for dinner ware or pots in the bottom rack.

The removable spikes are great for modifying the baskets.

Ge Monogram Model no. ZBD180GSS has easy to use controls- the mechanical dial turns easily to the desired wash cycle: heavy, normal, light, china/crystal and rinse. The racks are adjustable to accommodate for taller items. The silverware basket is located in the bottom basket.

GE Spacemaker Model #GSM1860JSS

The upper rack is completely removable. Pulls out completely to allow for washing large items.

China/Crystal selection — Protects delicate glassware and dishes by lowering the water temperature during the cycle

Pots and Pans Cycle — Scours off burned-on food with hot water and maximum water pressure

Frigidaire Model No FMB330RGC features
          • 4 Wash Levels
          • Adjustable Rinse Aid Dispenser w/ Indicator
          • Convection Drying System
          • Detergent Dispenser
          • Leveling Legs
          • Stainless Steel Interior
          • 4-Level Direct Feed Wash System
          • Space-Saving 18″ Design
          • UltraQuiet III™ Sound Insulation Package

Fisher & Paykel was the innovator of the dish washing drawer. Model No. DS605SS fits in a 24″W x 16″H space. It has a bevy of cycles: Heavy, Delicate, Fast, Normal, Rinse, Heavy Eco, Normal Eco, Delicate Eco, Fast Eco. A single dishwashing drawer accommodates long stemmed wine glasses, hold plates as large as 12″, holds 6 place settings and has interchangeable racks.

EZKleen Stainless Steel

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