Pot Fillers

October 14th, 2007 § 1 Comment

A reader asks: could you please discuss what to put behind a range–pot filler versus shelf, or can anyone have it all?

What is the most important item in a kitchen? Water! I have a real penchant for convincing clients to add a second sink in a kitchen. During the preparation of a meal, the main sink needs to be dedicated to clean up chores. It gets mighty challenging to fill pots, wash vegetables, drain pasta when you have only one sink and it is occupied. Adding a second water source is a luxury to a kitchen, but one item on my checklist I would ask for when planning a new kitchen.

Another handy water source in a kitchen is a pot filler. It can be a dangerous proposition taking a hot stock pot full of water over to the main sink if its full of dirty dishes. If I had my option to install a pot filler or a second sink, I would take the second sink over a pot filler in a second. I prefer having a second sink close to my range for preparing food, rinsing vegetables, draining hot water from the pasta pot and leaving the main sink for clean up. But pot fillers are a bonus to splurge on and handy unto themselves. There are drawbacks too, so plan carefully.

The question is where do you locate a wall mount pot filler?

  1. What are the heights of your largest stock pots?
  2. With a range top, consider that the grates will raise the pot up even further.
  3. Will your range have a stainless shelf attached at the back?
  4. Watch clearances of the folding elbow of the pot filler. There are two heights to a pot filler. The height of the spout is higher than the part coming out of the wall.
  5. Locate the pot filler off center to accommodate the swing.
  6. Make sure the water pressure is adequate to fill a pot of water.
  7. Consider a Deck Mount Pot Filler as an alternative.

Kohler HiRise Kitchen Faucet. Notice the second sink next to the cook top. Ideal set up!

Everpure Pot Filler brings hi-flow filtered water to you right at the cooktop.

Wall mount pot filler off set for stainless shelf.

Kohler Pro Sink: The best of both. Never have to drain a hot pot of water again!

For more information visit the following link.
Kohler Pro Sinks

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